We are Thomas Electric.

Thomas Electric Company is a full service electrical, low voltage and communications systems contractor company, with over 40 years of experience. Our mission is to provide exceptional work for the integrity of the project at the most competitive price, while directly dealing with the customer's changing needs. This mission statement will be carried out by our three core beliefs: speed, quality and flexibility for our customers.

Who we are.

Our passion is pronounced and clients have come to expect it. They enjoy the seamless steadiness in our people and projects. There's a consistency in the way people treat and appreciate each other, and a consistency in the way we deliver projects and service to our clients.

Linda Kovessy


Sarah Sonntag

Operations Manager

Thomas Kovessy

Vice President

Christopher Chick

Project Manager

Ken Sonntag

Vice President

Joel Lopina

Low Voltage Project Manager

Todd Kovessy

Vice President


Industrial and Commercial electrical, data, voice and fiber needs can be very demanding. With pressure from sales and manufacturing, coordinators must meet deadlines. We take pride in meeting or beating these deadlines. Finishing a job quickly can directly increase profit for the customer.


Project planning, strategy, implementation and completion deserves attention to quality. We take pride in applying quality across all processes during the life of a project. During these stages, it’s our policy to bring the customer the best resources available.


Our customers’ needs change day to day. By being able to change within the customers’ needs gives us a competitive advantage over other contractors. Customer satisfaction is a goal at Thomas Electric.


At Thomas, we love what we do, and it shows. Each person has a passion for learning and helping clients get what they need.